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View Designer/X Version 1.0

View Designer/X a new Motif Interface Builder is now available. It enables developers to interactively design user interfaces for Motif applications. The current version of VDX provides following features:

Object oriented user interface with drag and drop

VDX provides object oriented handling for widgets, widget classes and interfaces. Every objects has a context menu, is selectable and can be dropped on other objects. This behavior is available in different views like icon, tree and wysiwyg view.

Support for Motif 2.0 widgets

The new Motif 2.0 widget classes XmNotebook, XmComboBox, XmSpinBox, XmContainer and XmCSText could be used to create user interfaces.

Interactive wysiwyg view

The wysiwyg view shows the design of an interface and enables to interactively change the design. Widgets can be resized, moved and copied by using the mouse.

Widget Resource Editor

The appearance and behavior of widgets depends on resources. The Widget Resource Editor enables to set the all resources in the source code or resource file.

Widget Tree Browser

A user interface consists of widget trees. The Widget Tree Browser is a view for widget trees. The widgets are represented as icons which provides object oriented behavior described above.

Templates of widget trees

A template is a widget which does not belong to an interface. This widget has predefined resources and is used to create copies of widgets with the same resource settings.

Reusable components

A designed interface is a component that could be used in other interface. VDX provides this mechanism by the creation of links to an interface.

Adaptable code generation including generation of C and C++ code

Using configuration files the code generation of VDX is more flexible than those of other interface builders. You are able to create a new code generation model and edit this model to fit your needs. VDX comes with two models, C and C++.
Version 1.0 is now available. Download a Linux demo version from ftp://ftp.unifix.de/pub/unifix/demos/vdx/vdx-v1.1.beta-linuxelf.tar.gz . The binary is statically linked with Motif 2.0 and requires an ELF execution environment.

To purchase licenses contact:

Unifix Software GmbH, Bueltenweg 27 E, D-38106 Braunschweig, Germany,
Phone: +49-531-238800, Fax: +49-531-338751

To get more information send mail to vdx@unifix.de

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